In-Person & Hybrid Video Production

As we’re now several months into the COVID-19 pandemic here in the US, in-person productions have opened up in some areas. We recognize that regulations for filming vary by state, and that for many, it’s simply a matter of comfort level. Regardless of your location, our guiding principle in developing this set of protocols is the health and safety of all people, including cast, crew, clients, and the general public. 

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Safely create meaningful video content during COVID-19


We have been tracking best practices for film and video production all over the world. As a standard, we’re following both CDC and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producer’s guidelines on maintaining a COVID-safe environment to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our crews, clients, employees and client’s customers.

Synthesizing best practices has led us to develop a high-level set of standards that will serve as a guideline to developing each production’s unique approach. We’ve outlined these as Plan, People, Process and Place (the Four Ps.)

For more comprehensive guidelines from authorities we trust, feel free to visit the following resources:

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Each production is unique and requires a unique approach in this current moment. A key to keeping all people safe is to develop and execute a clear plan for each production. Much of this is guided by common sense. This plan will be documented at the start of each project and will be tracked along the way. For instance, a production requiring executive interviews can be arranged at a local studio with full safety and sanitary precautions should the executive not want to shoot the project in their home.

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Our highest priority is to keep all people associated with in-person productions safe. A guiding principle of the people component taking steps to create a safe environment for all productions. Examples of this include the use of tools like safe distancing, PPE, and a dedicated on-set Covid Safety Monitor. For example, an executive interview may require a single crew member on set, whereas a project featuring talent that needs to be shot from several angles may be achievable with just 2-3 crew members in designated production zones.

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Each production department (camera, lighting, sound, hair+makeup, and so on) has specific equipment and setup needs. When developing our plan, disinfecting of equipment, maintaining social distancing, and the staggering of crew operations will guide the process wherever possible. For example, if we’re shooting in a small, enclosed space (a stage, an office, etc.,) only one department at a time will be present in that space, and surfaces will be cleaned between departments.

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Location plays an important role in the development of our approach plan. Wherever possible, we will try to select spaces that have excellent ventilation and ample space to accommodate the team. Disinfecting hard surfaces will happen before, during and after the production.

An important aspect when considering space is travel: travel to and from location will be more limited within the confines of the pandemic. We’ll mandate and ensure that wll crew will follow CDC guidelines for travel to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

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