Mightyverse | Experience Design Positioning: Awareness + Point of Sale

One of the biggest hurdles learners of a new language face is to be brave enough to start speaking.

We worked with language startup Mightyverse to craft a game that lowers inhibitions and makes learning a new language both entertaining and memorable. What fell out of this was ¡Dígame!, a board game where players teach words or phrases by acting them out, and no one wins unless everyone comprehends. Still a beginner? The phrase cards have QR codes that lead to short videos of native speakers acting the phrase out for you. In addition to game design, we crafted a lightweight video to support the ¡Dígame! launch campaign, which reached over 140% of it’s intended goal.

The game soon became a consistent revenue stream for Mightyverse, earning Creative Child Game of the Year Award & the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval along the way.