Remote Video Productions for any Need

We’re helping our clients meet the moment with a spectrum of approaches we’re calling Good, Better, and Best.

From virtual events, to product launches, to explainers and motion graphics – our finely-tuned process and tested workflow can take your video content needs from idea to reality. Keep scrolling to learn more about our approaches to remote video production.

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GOOD | 4K iPhone 11 / iPad Home Kit

For this approach, we’ll send a comprehensive home production kit that’s easy to set up. This option includes:

  • iPhone 11 and iPad pre-loaded with 4K video software 
  • “Plug-and-play” high quality microphone for iPhone
  • Tripod for flexible positioning
  • Remote direction on framing, lighting and performance to ensure the optimal end result

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BETTER | 4K Cinema Stand with Teleprompter & Lighting

The “Better” option allows emotion* control of any and all variables. 

For this option, we’ll deliver a 4K cinema camera and teleprompter package on a rolling stand. This includes:

  • Voice-activated teleprompter
  • Built-in microphone and lighting
  • Data captured locally in camera (user controlled)
  • Remote control of camera and other technology
  • Remote direction on framing and performance to ensure the optimal end result

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BEST | 4K Cinema Cart plus HQ Audio, Lighting & Remote Camera Control

The “Best” option is our top of the line offering. Similar to “Better,” it requires virtually no effort from the client outside of their performance.

An experienced camera tech will deliver a sterilized cinema cart equipped with our cinema camera and a complete production setup, positioning it in a predetermined area of the home:

  • Our highest quality cinema camera connected to a laptop will be controlled remotely via ethernet connection to router
  • Shotgun mic(s) for enhanced sound quality
  • Supplementary lighting
  • All components of the cart will be turned on and settings optimized prior to production
  • Remote direction to coach the executive through the entire experience

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