5 Ways to increase your video marketing Emotional intelligence

July 6, 2016 | Wendell Willat | Articles, Industry Info, Video Storytelling

Growing emotional intelligence via video marketing.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to discern between the different emotions in yourself and others while understanding how to appropriately integrate them into your life and relationships.

High Emotional Intelligence or EQ is possibly the most important trait to ensure a happy, successful, and satisfying career. However, we’ve seen more than a few times that even a seasoned marketer’s EQ can fly out the window when creating and executing on a cross-channel video marketing strategy.

Especially when it’s time to get budget allocated.

It’s not easy to create a great story, integrate key stakeholders, find the right vendor, get script notes, decide on casting, measure KPI’s, stay on budget, schedule the shoot, etc., etc. It’s a world of details that can mean lots of additional stress and strain on you and your time management. That is, the chaos of trying to build a great video marketing campaign can wreak havoc on your goal of launching a clear, shareable, and visual video that beautifully tells a story while nailing KPI’s. Which may result in even more stress which then blocks creative, emotionally intelligent thinking. Ad infinitum…

So, after 20 plus years of working with companies large and small on their brand storytelling, here are 5 ways to actually raise your emotional intelligence while making sure you exceed your company’s video marketing goals:

  1. Focus on the big picture – try to keep in mind that this is one piece of a larger marketing strategy supported by lots of people and business units. Commit to keeping the communication going between them early and often. Have your big picture vision before you make a single decision.
  2. Get up and go for a walk (often) – Creativity flourishes once you’ve done the work/strategy and the mind is relaxed or even thinking about other things. Get out in nature, head to the company gym, or go walk around the block to get a coffee to intentionally clear your mind and allow the vast depth of the subconscious to help out with your project.
  3. Don’t personalize – It’s easy to feel like you’re being judged by your peers when running a large video marketing campaign. Try to get your team to “yes and…” during critiques so that they are tough on the work and gentle on each other in the review/refine process.
  4. Keep Your Allies Close by Sharing Your Intimate Truth – Communicate clearly with your closest work friends about what you’re feeling using the “I feel like x when y person does z” It’s a good idea to get up and take a walk outside of the normal work environment when sharing your personal feelings too.
  5. Accept adversity as part of the process – If you know from the start of the project that inevitably there will  be some bumps, you can use them to grow in the process. “Obstacles are opportunities in disguise,” is a great mantra when creating and executing on a video marketing strategy across multiple lines of business.

Keep these tips in mind while you focus on the present and actively listen. Continue to remind yourself that you are relaxed, positive, and self-motivated. This will maximize and even increase your emotional intelligence and should do the same for everyone associated with the project.

By focusing on improving these five tips during your next creative project you will be more likely to both have a successful outcome and increase your overall happiness. Not to mention all of the collective positive reinforcement that comes from creating a fun to watch brand story that crushes your KPI’s

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