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May 5, 2016 | Wendell Willat | emotion studios news

A few weeks ago we had to say bon voyage to a colleague and mainstay at emotion studios, Aaron Rhodes. If you’ve worked with us at emotion studios in the past you have certainly interacted with Aaron. Which means that you probably already know that he is an all around great guy, hard worker, detail-centric filmmaker, Galaxy Quest geek, and amazing with clients.

But in addition to saying farewell, we hope that this piece provides some insight into our philosophies about taking risks in life and remembering to not stay comfortable too long as a creative. Personal and professional risks are an important part of what we do as cinematographers, artists, and marketers. Risk needs to be celebrated. That is, taking risk is an inherent part of what we have chosen to do as our careers.

We truly believe that emotion helps to nurture the personal and professional lives of this community of working artists (yes. we consider ourselves a community still akin to Joe Chaiken’s Open Theather in the 60s). Which makes this bittersweet because we, at the same time, both miss Aaron while sincerely hoping he is crushing it up in Seattle.

Please feel free to leave your ‘see ya laters’ on our facebook page.

emotion short | Aaron from emotion studios on Vimeo.

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