Beauty Meets Function with Steelcase Karman

April 7, 2022 | Matt Palazzolo | Case Studies, Projects

When a legacy brand wants to innovate in a way that’s new and fresh, a slew of questions arise. How big of a shake up will it be? What kind of reaction do we hope to invoke? How do we undertake this in a way that stays authentic to the brand?

We considered all these questions and more when Steelcase approached us with the intent of launching their first-of-its-kind mesh task chair – Karman. Traditionally a B2B company, Steelcase understood that individual consumers, increasingly working from home, would have an even greater need for a chair like Karman.

As a creative partner, our assignment was to dream up a treatment and approach that would spotlight the beauty and functionality of Karman – with its intuitive suspension seat, ultra-light frame and proprietary Intermix mesh. Above all else, we needed to capture the spirit of what Karman enables – creativity that goes beyond.

With that in mind, we opted to cast three groundbreaking innovators: composer/artist Pamela Z, sculptor/environmental creator Ned Kahn, and tattoo artist Millie K – each a master of their craft. We captured each of them in their space as they did what they do best, supported by the stunning shapes and textures of Karman.

The end result is a vibrant, energetic piece that illustrates just how instrumental the right furniture can be in unlocking your most creative self. Take a look for yourself, and Go Beyond.

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