The New FADE Task Lamp from Boxclever is Cool (and Warm)

April 12, 2016 | Wendell Willat | emotion studios news, Industry Info, Video Blog

Unboxing Video of Boxclever’s New FADE Task Lamp – Warm it up if You Want to

New FADE Lamp in Action

The new space with the new FADE Task Lamps

So if you hadn’t heard already, emotion studios is growing and more than doubling our creative space here in Sausalito. To complement the expansion and new digs, we received a bunch of new Boxclever’s FADE Task Lamps for all of the offices and conference room tables.

Now, to be totally open and transparent, we are huge fans of the folks over at Boxclever and they’re a fantastic client. We actually did the video that introduced the lamp to the public originally.

But after starting to use the lamps for a bit, I’m an even bigger fan now. They are very easy to use. The lightest touch turns them on. They bend and flex for a great angle no matter what you’re working on. They look great. But best of all is the color gradient option. You can switch to warmer or crisper light by rotating the dial. It’s pretty awesome.

Which, of course, you can see in the unboxing video here:

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