Case Study: Oculus Touch

January 25, 2016 | Matt Palazzolo | Articles, Case Studies, stories with emotion

We’ve said it early and often, but VR is an emerging technology that will change the way we as a culture consume content. Through the early stages of its popularity, we’re certain to see the evolution of movies, marketing, and gaming, among others. And why not? The most immersive existing technology will be available (and relatively affordable) to the general public.

But what about when it comes to senses beyond sight? Oculus sought out to supplement the amazing visual technology they developed with the most noticeably missing aspect when stepping into the realm of VR interactivity – touch.

They succeeded, too. Having executed projects for Oculus before, we know what a pleasure they are to work with. When they pinned us to produce a short piece highlighting the creation process and abilities of their groundbreaking VR controller, the Oculus Touch, we were elated.

After all was said and done, our goal was to create a 2 and a half minute story in which the executives and bright minds of Oculus discuss just how difficult a task it is to design a controller that mimics natural hand gestures, as well as how they managed to achieve it with Touch.

Overall, Touch has been received with open arms. Not only was it the first major VR controller release on the market, but it also received rave reviews from publications such as Gizmodo, PC World, and Engadget to name a few. The video itself received upwards of 50,000 views on YouTube.

Check out the piece below and step into the world of hands-on VR.

Oculus | Touch from emotion studios on Vimeo.

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