Rally Health and the Mission to Revolutionize Healthcare

September 23, 2020 | Matt Palazzolo | Case Studies

Living in the Digital Age has transformed the ways we search, curate and consume information across a myriad of everyday tasks. Access to information empowers individuals to make decisions, whether it’s finding the quickest route across town, the best deals, the closest restaurant, or the cheapest flight. 

Somehow these principles haven’t been universally applied to healthcare. Although medicine continues to advance, insurers and healthcare providers have fallen short in providing patients frictionless access to their information and resources. This is especially harmful when it matters most – in the emergency room, at the receipt of a daunting diagnosis, or helping a loved one navigate insurance language.

Rally Healthcare takes a unique approach, providing an inclusive, holistic pathway. They understand that navigating healthcare is complicated and adds stress at a moment when the patient least needs it. Rally knows that when it comes to healthcare – information at your fingertips is power. Rally’s mission is to give customers the power to make informed decisions when choosing a doctor, tracking one’s recovery or just understanding a medical bill. In order to fulfill this mission, Rally created a seamless platform, centered around a mobile app, that affords every patient peace of mind.

What was the job?

In a crowded healthcare field, they needed to cut through the noise and shed light on their vision as a brand. Rally approached us to help them tell their story authentically, through real patients and their experiences. By highlighting how this powerful tool can profoundly impact the lives of their customers and their families, we’re able to better understand how reducing the complexities of healthcare has a direct impact on outcomes.

How did we answer the call?

Pre-production is a critical element of emotive storytelling and at the core of emotion*.  In this instance, well before filming could begin, we knew that finding the perfect on-camera subjects was key to the unlock Rally would need. Our producers worked closely with Rally’s team to interview and select patients with real, compelling stories who were willing to share their personal experiences. We captured these patients’ healthcare journeys in short, doc-style films that illuminated the roadblocks each person faced.

What was the Unlock moment?

The UNLOCK of this campaign is found in each installment, when the patient is introduced to Rally’s user-friendly app. The visceral reactions to these moments highlighted just how alone and intimidated patients often feel in navigating their experience in the American health system. Each one of these people had fallen victim to structures that weren’t designed with them in mind. With no clear idea of where to seek information, their response to a platform that consolidated everything in a single place was as rewarding as it was predictable. It was deeply fulfilling to be able to assist in bringing Rally’s mission to life, and we hope to continue helping them “Improve Health and Health Care, Together.”


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