Nearly Two Year Later, SILQ Is Still A Revelation

September 16, 2019 | Matt Palazzolo | Articles

Almost two years ago, Steelcase unveiled one product a decade in the making. SILQ turned heads inside (and out) of the industry – a chair built with no manual adjustments and 90% fewer parts than its predecessors. emotion* was called upon to support the launch with a video that told its design story.

Though it doesn’t happen often, we felt some pressure – the pressure of giving a product that took 10 years to make the unveiling it deserves. 

What we didn’t understand yet was just how remarkable the chair actually is. The challenge was, it’s impossible to grasp that without actually sitting in it. SILQ responds intuitively to all of the inputs your body gives it. To experience this chair is to experience ergonomic design in its most efficient form.

The final piece would eventually play on stage in New York and Munich as James Ludwig, Steelcase VP Global Design and Product Engineering revealed his brainchild. We needed to produce a video that built anticipation leading up the moment of reveal.

The final piece hinged on the strength of an incredible track selected by our in-house music supervisor, Patrick Hagan. It builds slowly as we hear James discussing all of the considerations that go into designing a groundbreaking product, before a key moment that serves as a hook to surprise and delight the whole audience.

The reveal of SILQ was met with a standing ovation that day, and deservedly so. Nearly two years later, it was awarded in Fast Company’s 2019 Innovation by Design Awards. the chair remains a gold standard for efficiency and elegance in design.

If you get a chance, experience SILQ. You won’t regret it, but you will understand. In the mean time, check out the design story below.

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