The Invention of Sliced Bread

January 5, 2017 | Matt Palazzolo | Articles, Projects, stories with emotion, Video Storytelling

Ten years ago we were commissioned to produce a project for SanDisk with the help of our friends at Eleven. The creative was shaping up to be “The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.” The only issue was that we felt the campaign needed a baseline.

So, as any inspired group of creatives would do, we packed up some equipment and headed to the very place where sliced bread became a reality – Chillicothe, Missouri.

No… really.

While there, we hoped to get the story of one of America’s crowning achievements, sliced bread. It was a treat to hear locals recount what they remember of the time, and the celebrity impact they didn’t exactly expect it to have.

Although the piece was never ultimately used, we couldn’t be happier with the whimsical feel it came to have, and the experience of making it was pretty wonderful. The Home of Sliced Bread. Who knew?

Check it out for yourself.

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