Top 5 Viral Video Genres You’ll See This Holiday (Again)

December 9, 2015 | Wendell Willat | Industry Info, stories with emotion, Video Storytelling

Blessed are those who create video content. Especially around the Holidays, when the pressure to make a “viral video” that’s extra beautiful, emotional, bowl-full-of-jelly-belly laugh funny, or really heartfelt is extra intense. If you’re in charge of Holiday brand marketing, or even creating the company video card this season, we feel you.

So we compiled this list of the types of content that we are all guaranteed to watch this season. Our little gift to you. Feel free to “borrow” from these various motifs while wading into the pressure cooker that is Holiday content. Or, use it as the typical and what should be avoided at all costs. Just remember that the only thing that’s certain about creating holiday video content is: even negative engagement is far better than zero engagement. Right?

Top 5 Types of “Viral Video” Content You’ll See This Holiday:

1. Pets in costume – Everyone loves animals dressed as humans, right? Especially as mythical human-like figures from your favorite holiday stories. From Buzzfeed to YouTube, no one will escape animals dressed up as Santa, elves, or Hanukkah Harry. Moreover, you know if Jimmy Kimmel has a video about it, it’s for sure ubiquitous.

2. Families doing elaborate songs together (way too much time on their hands) – This niche really caught fire with the #Xmas jammies song from a few years ago. But this trend has been going on before and will continue well after that family’s 15 minutes of fame. Like this little ditty that has almost 90K views. Note: This piece also includes elements of viral holiday videos number 3, below. Well done!

3. Freaking out about a gift – Emotions are the key to video and storytelling. Somehow, watching other people’s over the top emotions engages us even more. You can be sure this trend is here to stay as soon as there are compilations like this one:

4. Deeply sad – we can all identify with moments of feeling blue during the holidays. Just try to find a parking spot at the mall on Black Friday. But seriously, this seasonal sadness is real and capitalized on my marketers everywhere. Especially this year.

5. And of course, Epic Holiday Fails – There were many to choose from in this category including cats climbing Christmas trees, kids freaking out with new puppies, and bystanders laughing at people in Santa hats getting hurt really badly. But, we felt that going short simple and to the point was best for this. Happy Holidays everyone.

Bonus Viral Holiday Video Content – anything that has poop in it or 45 minutes of scotch drinking and yule logs.

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