January 6, 2016 | Wendell Willat | Articles, emotion studios news, Industry Info, Video Storytelling

Let’s be clear, emotion studios is in the digital storytelling service business. That is, everything we hold true about how to tell our awesome clients stories we learned from working in restaurants and/or retail ‘back in the day.’ Because, for truly outrageous service, beyond happy clients, and a clear ROI, we know with 100% certainty that we must anticipate needs before anyone knows they have them. But how? Through metaphysics? Nope. By really listening.

So, in the spirit of staying open and accountable, we created this list of what we anticipate today as our clients’ needs for tomorrow. And BTW, this list doesn’t come from some guided meditation at a company retreat in a sweat lodge, but from listening to and seeing what works and where the industry is headed.

Digital Storytelling in 2016:

Create Stories that Turn Into Conversations – Many think about digital storytelling and video as a one-way marketing street. Push a button and watch passively. But, we know that when done well, great digital storytelling creates a real dialogue between brand and customer (yes, offline too). Especially with the rise of Meerkat, Periscope, and Blab. We saw this take shape in 2015 through projects we worked on and have made it our top focus for 2016. Digital Storytelling is the new brand personality and product conversation starter, on or offline.

Metrics Driven Video Content – In marketing, if you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. That adage applies doubly for video content. We will get to the place this year where we can look at any of our videos, anywhere on the web, and understand the basics about time watched, etc. but also know more about how the platform affects engagement, brand sentiment, what content works and why and where, and what type of stories lead to sales for a specific brand. Here’s more on what we need from video analytics as an industry.

Think Digitally Act Personally- The facts are that, for the foreseeable future, we are digital beings.  And that fact affects how stories are told and how we tap creatively into the unique digital patterns of the folks we aim to reach. Especially to scale a message to the widest number of the right clients most effectively. Because, there’s no need to create video content that people don’t want to watch.

Long-Term is the only Term – Digital Storytelling is most effective when it is integrated with the overall strategies for marketing, brand, and sales. We work closely with our clients to help integrate digital storytelling with overall brand strategy. That’s the best way to tell the stories that result in conversations, education, and sales. The way to do this best is to be part of the bigger picture strategy conversations in the C-suite and with AORs. Put egos aside, this is a long-term relationship where the client comes first.

Look to and Live Out on the Edge of the Interwebs – As a digital agency, we believe that getting out and finding ‘what’s coming next’ is critical to everyone’s success. Not that we want to simply use the latest shiny, new tech pell-mell, but to really understand how new technologies or platforms can help tell the story better than before. Our job is to help you best react to the market, before everyone else does. Anticipate your needs before you know you have them.

Get to In-Person – Video storytelling is at its best when creating real relationships. Real relationships are then deepened in-person. As wonderful and as much as we really love tech, there will never be a replacement for handshakes, hugs, and really looking friends in the eye. All of our stories have one goal: to increase the likelihood of people meeting in person. And when they do, turn those meetings into long-term relationships.

Digital Storytelling in 2016 must have the goal of leading to better in-person relationships. The camera will serve as a storyteller that gives customers the ability to look inside and see the true personality and inner workings of a top-of-mind brand. By telling the right stories, the customer will connect to what they see and engage long-term with that brand, becoming a loyal member of the brand’s community. And that’s going to last well beyond 2016.


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