Steelcase Customer Journey

Steelcase | Experience Design Positioning: Research / Choice + Customer Loyalty

The Steelcase Learning & Innovation Center (LINC) in Munich is a temple of well-considered design. Facing competition from players within and outside of their vertical, Steelcase needed to up-level the conversation with customers, ultimately deepening brand loyalty in the process. Our task was to use the new LINC as a backdrop to tell this higher level story of Steelcase to its customers. This took the form of a deep guest experience that tracked from pre-visit to well beyond their departure, and hinged on various light bulb moments of self-discovery.

Rather than pushing products, Steelcase wanted to provide customers with resources and learning experiences to find solutions that support the unique needs of their organization – in short, for them to discover how their space was a strategic business asset. Two years, hundreds of locator beacons, dozens of pegboards, and one interactive table later, that experience is live, and companies are already shifting their perspective – and going all-in with Steelcase.